I Thought The Hurricane Season Was Over?

from by Zero Tolerance

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Lies, your twisted, fucking lies
drowning out my cries
I scream and feel alive
Flies, infesting fucking flies
They're crawling on my eyes
Inside they fucking writhe
I think this is just some bullshit
you threw down to force my hand
Never mind the shit you omit
I can-

Kill you Creeping
And it Feels good
Wake to nothing but the violence in my eyes..break

Spies, you train your little spies
to see what anger buys,
they make me loose my mind
Why, all the unanswered whys
where dead liars lie
reasons of other kinds
I know this is just one ending
but where the fuck should i begin
All my thoughts, and actions
my sin-


Now I'm fucking feeling it
my fucking nerves are shot to fuck
You're underneath my skin again
desperate for a second look
What it is you're looking for,
you'll never fucking find again
You're eyeless in the dark alone
I lunge and its the fucking end

Why tell me why
Everything you ever tried to tell me, Bullshit
dont you fucking tempt me,
Ties, from your spies
its all for nothing cause the thought of you is always fucked
and misconstrued
Its nothing personal,
Just pain
another fucking thing you feign
another fucking act of shame
Like all your other fucking games
it wont be over till you're dead
here's your pain
your death
your dread
I watch all of this silently and loosen when im finally free



from The Hurricane Season, released August 21, 2012
All Music Recorded at TrackMix Studios by Michael Richards
All Music is The Property of Zero Tolerance
Lyrics and Vocals By Rob Wallace



all rights reserved


Zero Tolerance Celbridge, Ireland

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